Helping You Go From Feeling Stiff & Creaky to Fitter, Stronger, Healthier & Happier

My Classes

Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Noticing more aches & pains as you get older?

Don’t feel as strong or as mobile as you used to?

Finding it harder to do the things you used to find easy to do?

Pilates is the perfect solution if you want to …

Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes

Feeling unfit and out of shape?

Noticing you get out of breath quicker than you used to?

Lacking motivation but know you need to exercise?

Zumba is the ideal solution if you want to:

Body Strengthening Classes

Body Strengthening Classes

Noticing a change in your body shape?

Finding it harder to lose weight and keep it off, particularly in certain areas?

Hate the thought of joining a gym?

Body Strengthening is a great solution if you want to…

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My clients say:

“I was suffering from back pain and sciatica down my leg. Although Yoga and Pilates were recommended for strengthening my back, I was worried about I wouldn't be able to do the exercises.

Since joining Lara’s Pilates classes I am virtually pain free. My back feels a lot stronger, and I gain more strength with each session.”
Michele Pell
"Lara’s teaching is fiercely inspiring and fun. Her joyous spirit is irresistible and her playlists for Zumba and Pilates keep me motivated."
Frances - Zumba Class
"I Love Lara’s classes, she is an inspirational teacher who motivates and helps you achieve your fitness goals. The body strengthening class is a great start to my week followed by Pilates which I love."
Suzie - Body Strengthening Class
Lara's Fitness Classes

Meet Your Instructor: Lara Christopher

Hey there, I’m Lara, and my journey kicked off as a dancer at age 11.  I gained my degree in Dance Performance and began sharing my passion by teaching dance at 20.  My story led me to Australia at 24, where I shared the magic of dance styles like ballet, tap, and funk, teaching classes at the renowned Sydney Dance Company Studios.

At 26, I embraced a career shift, plunging into the world of marketing at a leading advertising agency. Dubai became my new playground, where I played a pivotal role in elevating the Emirates Airline website. 

Love blossomed as I fell head over heels for the head of global branding at Emirates Airline. We tied the knot and welcomed our first son. Together, we set up a marketing agency and with the arrival of our second son, I paused to earn an MBA from Leicester University. Simultaneously, I became a Zumba instructor and started teaching classes part-time.  

In 2012, a tragedy struck my life when my husband suffered a fatal cardiac arrest, prompting my return to the UK with our children. It was a tough time, with a back injury and the onset of perimenopause, compelling me to reassess my fitness journey.  I created my own Body Strengthening class focusing on functional fitness to protect my body.   

When the world was rocked by COVID-19, I seamlessly transitioned my classes to Zoom.  I was now able to help people on a global level. I also became a certified Pilates instructor along the way, adding Pilates classes to my timetable.  

I now offer three styles of classes – Pilates (in person and online), Zumba (in person and online) and Body Strengthening (online only).  

What fuels my heart is being able to help people become fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier. To join me on this transformative journey toward a better you, click the button below to book your taster class.